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Lizzy Aroloye

Lizzy is a Canadian-Nigerian self-taught multi-media artist, creative visionary, and filmmaker. Majoring in CCIT - Communication Culture Information Technology and double minoring in Film Studies & Sociology at the University of Toronto. She also received a diploma in digital communications at Sheridan College.

Lizzy is well-versed in the Web3 ecosystem and was the first social media manager for the largest marketplace, ' OpenSea.'

Bodied Art Form was created to house all things designed and executed by lizzy. "As you explore this site, we welcome you to deep dive into the extensive creative endeavours she has produced over the years."

Her works explore a variety of motifs, such as expressions of Afro-futurism, nostalgia and body positivity. These motifs are presented in different ways across different mediums.

Let's Talk about Story telling

Sylvie's Love - Analyzed

12 Jan, 2021

Sylvie's Love - Analyzed

For the love of Jazz!! A critical discussion held live (Jan 12th) on Club House in collaboration with the Sisters in Film club, detailing reoccurring themes, views, and ideologies in the 2019 film Sylvie's Love directed by Eugene Ashe.
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What is an NFT?

The infamous buzzword of 2022, but what does it mean? What is it? And how is it valuable?

How To Create an NFT

Let's deep dive and get technical.


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