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My name is Lizzy, I'm a 25-year-old Canadian- Nigerian multi-disciplinary artist that lives in Toronto. My story starts as a self-taught artist who grew up an only child by a superwoman of a mom, art was always my source of enjoyment I would mold, draw and create small worlds with popsicle sticks and a glue gun. I started to take my creative skills seriously in post-secondary, I graduated from the University of Toronto where I majored in Communication Culture information Technology and minored in Film Studies and Sociology, these programs merged and mixed my artistic skills with web 2.0 technologies and concepts. I developed a love for painting portraits, photography, videography, digital design, filmmaking, and storytelling.


When I graduated in 2019 I quit my job at TD bank, to pursue a full-time art career. However the pandemic had other plans, so it forced me to dive into my creative bag, which is when I taught myself to sculpt with air drying clay and would mold functional sculptured that embodied women figures of diverse shapes and styles, and this led me to create the brand Bodied art form which now represents all art forms that I create.


I quickly realized I was not connected to the art world and potential collectors and found myself searching for this community on Clubhouse. This was around December 2020 and then early Feb I first heard the term NFT and was very curious, so I started sitting in rooms on CH and soaking up the knowledge, I again quickly realized my program in school was a precursor to this decentralized ecosystem of web 3 tech.


When I was ready I listed my first collection on OpenSea and sold my first piece in less than 24hrs and since then I’ve been featured in digital publications, such as CoinDesk, Korea It Times, and Contemporary&, done a few interviews, collaborated with an Athlete, been in exhibitions, sold a collectible series, collected NFTs and continue to actively be a part of the artist community on Twitter and CH.


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