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Artist Bio


Lizzy is a 24 year old self taught multi-media artist, creative, and film maker. She works with mediums such as metallic Acrylics, clay sculpting, digital drawing, and digital photography. Her works explore expressions of nostalgia in relation with cartoons and animation as well as the female forms which she represents through different shapes and mediums.

Her photography centres around many themes dependant on various subject matter and project. 

Her Films explore inward assessments of the self in relation to lived experiences among black women, artists and men. She is heavily influenced by music and how the intermediality of mediums like music, paintings, and poetry  can work together to create a moving body of work

Lizzy attended the University of Toronto where she majored in CCIT - Communication Culture Information Technology and double minored in Sociology. Her program was a joint with Sheridan College for a diploma in digital communications. 

She is a Nigerian who was born in the Uk and raised in Canada, and her desire for art was evident as early as childhood where she loved to explore different arts and crafts.

-For any inquires:

-Personal Instagram: misslizzy6

-Business Instagram: bodiedartform