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Bodied Issue 2 - Marjana Mariana
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Bodied Issue 2 - Marjana Mariana

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body shaped incense holder   

2020 was not a year of order so accordingly issue 2 is dropping before issue 1, and I'm ok with it.

This newsletter/magazine Introduces the Bodied Art form the brand, artistic visuals, a featured PR package with Instagram's movie character Marjana Marina and reviews, and product care tips/knowledge. 



incense holder on a bed of clouds


 info about bodied art form


 incense holder, agent honey dew inspo,


Marjana's initial review of the products

more bodied art form products 


Marjana's review of the products


products information and care tips.


Marjana Mariana


Marjana Mariana


Marjana Marjana


Inspired by her rare movie character aesthetic, Marjana was chosen to receive a custom PR package because she embodies a unique style like no other, effortlessly living her best creative life after graduating University, like myself. 

 Visuals Avaialble on IG: @bodiedartform